Developers of mobile solutions face a number of distinct challenges, such as unique form factors, heterogeneous devices, and integration with complex enterprise systems. Our integrated development teams draw upon diverse skills in application design, platform development, and systems engineering to overcome these obstacles. A key strength is our ability to create flexible user interfaces that

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While growth in financial reporting, business intelligence and executive dashboards have produced more information – significantly more – these efforts often fail to deliver needed insight. Instead, confronted with a glut of data, executives struggle to assess ongoing performance, identify potential outliers before they negatively impact operations, and determine how multiple variables interact to influence results.

The ZTKM Interactive Visualization solution is being used by a variety of agencies to become more ‘insight driven’. Building upon widely adopted management techniques, such as the Balanced Scorecard, it integrates data from different sources into a single display that can quickly and effectively illustrate the ‘big picture’ hidden in reams of data and volumes of reports. Its power stems from its use of contextual visual design to represent these complex data sets graphically, interactively and intuitively.

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Achieving real interoperability is critical to delivering upon the high expectations being set for health information technology (HIT). The challenge is that the current landscape is too often defined by inconsistent standards, legacy systems and proprietary terminologies. Furthermore, organizations also need to address the unique security concerns inherent in exchanging individually identifiable health information.

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