Federal agencies rely on advanced analytics to provide up-to-the-minute intelligence and insight. Advanced analytics can help them detect and uncover emerging threats; combat fraud, waste and abuse; mitigate risk; optimize performance; meet transparency mandates; and improve efficiency. These strategies and technologies are being employed successfully with dramatic results across all areas of government, including national security, healthcare and law enforcement.


We are experts in all of the specialized tools, techniques and strategies for transforming terabytes, petabytes and other large data volumes into actionable intelligence and insight. Schooled in a variety of techniques, we can overcome the data limitations that often prevent organizations from capitalizing on advanced analytics within their operations. For example, we provide solutions for structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

We address every aspect of the information lifecycle – from management of the underlying data warehouse though the use of advanced analytics – while balancing the need to both secure information and lower the cost to manage it. Through better data management and stewardship, we can improve the accessibility, interoperability, value and resiliency of this data. Our goal is to ensure data is an enabler – not an inhibitor – for strategic programs and enterprise systems.


The Right Solution for End-to-End Requirements

JTKM delivers end-to-end solutions – from the database to forecasting, discovery and analysis applications – to our client’s most strategic analytical and data management requirements (click on hyperlink to learn more about each offering):




We are experts in statistical analysis and predictive modeling and forecasting with extensive experience leveraging the top platforms, including SAS, R, IBM SPSS and Oracle. We use these techniques and technologies to help organizations target specific opportunities, anticipate future trends and identify often subtle patterns. By using a variety of algorithms, data models, and process designs, we can extract more insight and intelligence from the data.








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